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Book on Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahi : The Story of India's Most Successful Captain

Author : Shantanu Guha Ray
Release Date: November, 2013
Price: INR 295
Publisher : Roli Books

The book is on India's most successful cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni popularly known as Mahi. Book is Authored by Shantanu Guha Ray who has served as a journalist in print as well as electronic media. He has worked with India Today, Tehelka, CNN-IBN7 etc.

Mary Kom autobiography

Book Name: Mary Kom - Unbreakable An Autobiography

Writer: Mary Kom
Release Date: Mid November, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Harpersport
No. of Pages: 180
Price: INR 199

Autobiography by Indian Boxer Mary Kom which will come soon in a form of movie where Priyanka Chopra played the role of Mary Kom.

the one you cannot have

Book Name: The One You Cannot Have

Writer: Preeti Shenoy
Release Date: 15th November, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Westland
No. of Pages: 270
Price: INR 144

Preeti Shenoy the author of this 5th novel of her is a poet, artist, blogger, motivational speaker and bestselling author.The book is all about unreciprocated love.

An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana

Book Name: Sita - An Illustrated Retelling of the Ramayana

Writer: Devdutt Pattanaik
Release Date: End of October, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin
No. of Pages: 328
Price: INR 495

Author is a medical doctor by education, professional consultant and a mythologist. The book is all illustrated retelling of the Ramayana.

courting injustice the nirbhaya case

Book Name: Courting Injustice - The Nirbhaya Case & its Aftermath

Writer: Rajesh Talwar
Release Date: Mid October, 2013
Price: INR 350

This book is wrote by Rajesh Talwar. He is a lawyer and also taught law at Delhi University & JMI. We authored many other books also. This book is all about the Nirbhaya case and its aftermath.

CSAT General Studies Manual 2014: IAS Preliminary Examination By Jha

CSAT General Studies Manual 2014: IAS Preliminary Examination By Jha

Writer: Jha
Release Date: 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Kalinjar Publications
No. of Pages: 1650
Price: INR 1275

CSAT General Studies Manual 2014 Book for IAS Examination written by Jha and published by Kalinjar Publications.

book written by raj kundra

Book Name: How Not To Make Money

Writer: Raj Kundra
Release Date: Mid October, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Vintage Books/ Random House India
No. of Pages: 397
Price: INR 299

Raj Kundra has written this book which is based on a true story. The story is about smugglers Jai and Mike and their friend Aziz a corporate lawyer.

comic book ravanayan

Book Name: Ravanayan Finale

Writer: Vijayendra Mohanty
Release Date: September, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Holy Cow Entertainment
No. of Pages: 60
Price: INR 160

This is the much awaited comic book series Ravanayan by Vijayendra Mohanty along with artists Lalit Kumar Sharma and Vivek Goel.

my yummy mummy guide

My Yummy Mummy Guide

Writer: Karishma Kapoor
Release Date: August, 2013
Cover: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books India
No. of Pages: 256
Price: INR 399

Book is written by Karishma Kapoor actress and mother of two kids. She share her personal experience on pregnancy, weight lose, beauty tips etc.

new romantic novel by Indian writer

It Started With A Friend Request

Writer : Sudeep Nagarkar
Release Date : July 2013
Price : INR 125
Publisher : Random House India

A romantic novel written by Sudeep Nagarkar his earlier novels are 'That's he way we met' and 'Few things left unsaid'. The current one is based on true story of Aleesha, Akash & Aditya, a story of love, friendship and romance.

The search that seeks you

The Search That Seeks You

Writer: Sangamithra Amudha
Release Date: June, 2013
Price: INR 299
Publisher : Random House

Sangamithra Amudha is the founder of Sanmarga Foundations, he is also the trustee of this non profit organization for promotion of yoga and meditation & its importance in our daily life. The book is all about achieving balance and happiness in daily life through meditation.

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